ACI Student Chapter


ACI CUET membership offers students a unique platform to engage with the American Concrete Institute and its vast network of professionals in the concrete industry.

As an official student chapter, ACI CUET membership provides valuable opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and connections in the field of concrete engineering and construction.

Through ACI CUET membership, students gain access to exclusive resources, events, and mentorship programs, empowering them to excel in their academic pursuits and future careers in the concrete industry.


Typically, we recruit new members annually in the middle of the year, following the admission of the latest batch of students.


  1. You have to be the current student of Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology
  2. From CE,URP,WRE preferable.


Every year, we provide a sign-up link below to facilitate the new recruitment process. Please check the link below for the current year's registration.


1) Discounts on every paid events.
2) Technical Tours & Free Workshops
3) Intra CUET Competitions

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