ACI Student Chapter

Messages from President & Secretary

Our chapter aims to provide valuable resources, networking opportunities, and educational activities to empower our members in their academic and professional journey. Through a diverse range of events, workshops, and seminars, we strive to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. We strongly believe that hands-on experiences and exposure to real-world challenges are crucial for personal and professional growth.
I am thrilled to lead this remarkable community of concrete enthusiasts, and I look forward to witnessing the accomplishments and achievements that lie ahead. Together, let us shape a future where innovation and sustainability drive the construction industry forward.
Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling journey with the ACI Student Chapter-CUET!



Balancing various responsibilities and tasks as a secretary requires effective time management and prioritization skills. I have learned how to handle multiple deadlines, allocate time efficiently, and adapt to changing priorities, which are crucial skills in any professional environment. 
Also I  have interacted with various individuals, including other members of the student chapter, faculty advisors, guest speakers, and professionals from the industry. This experience have assisted me in  developing strong communication and networking skills, enabling me  to effectively convey information, collaborate with others, and build professional relationships.



Executive Committee 2023

Behind the Chapter

Abu Jafur Gifari Sagor


Tasmia Raunak Ferdousi


Md. Mahtab Ishmum

Vice President

Tanzilla Ahmed Lamia

Public Relations Secretary

Mumtahina Alam

Vice President

Ayman Mahdia Khan

Assistant Secretary (F)

Juhayer Mahtab

Assistant Secretary (M)

Md Shakib Khan


Mahmudul Hasan Zahid

Event Management Secretary

Shotabdy CHowdhory Srabony

Advertising Secretary

Tamim Ahmed

Creative Secretary

Sany Hasan Emon

Publication Secretary

Debashish Biswas

Assistant Publication Secretary

Md. Al Amin

Archive Secretary

Asraful Islam Ashik

Batch Representative - Junior

Kazi Ramim

Batch Representative - Sophomore

Sadia Sultana

Batch Representative - Fresher

Mahmudur Rahman Sifat

Graphics Designer

Ashab Labib

Video & Animation Secretary

Md. Sakibul Islam

Honorary Member - 1

Farzia Ahmed Rafa

Honorary Member - 2

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